Giving back to ZAC

I’m a 63 year old man in good health with a sharp mind. During my past 2 annual physicals my doctor noted a sharp rise in my PSA and sent me to a specialist. Here the urologist shared her concern with yet another sharp rise in my PSA test in the time it took me to get the specialist appointment. He palmed my prostate and while not noting any growths he was concerned by it’s size so he ordered an MRI to take a closer look. The MRI did not show a tumor but he did state he was puzzled as to why it was 19 grams larger than it should be. Not having an answer or course of action he stated “let’s just watch it.”

No one likes coming away from both a primary care and specialist, both concerned, with zero diagnosis. I later that very day of getting this disturbing news I serendipitously met Zack who told me about his Zack Attacks Cancer organization and began teaching me the benefits of using FECO, Fully Extracted Cannabis Oil as a way of reversing this trend. While I didn’t have a “cancer diagnosis” my body was certainly out of sorts regarding my prostate. I should mention along with my doctors notice during my exams to my possible prostate issues, I had been complaining about how my urine flow had diminished. Emptying my bladder at times was a commitment in time!

I read about RSO (Rick Simpson Oil) and noted several YouTube testimonials about it’s success in turning stage 3 cancer patients, written off by allopathic medicine, to perfect health. I in fact met in person a stage 3 survivor that had turned his condition around with FECO. So the very herb I had enjoyed for years recreationally would in fact help me restore my health!

I began treating myself with FECO. A small dot under my tongue as sublingual intake is among the best providing near maximum efficacy every 3 hours was my attack. Removing sugar intake from my diet was another adjustment I made. I already run a “scratch made” home so I don’t eat processed or fast food which is another important aspect of doing a FECO treatment. I was diligent and did my level best to make this work for me.

During the time I was taking treatments I did a couple of PSA tests to see if it were still on the rise, stable or falling. The very first test 8 weeks later saw a modest 14% drop. Not a rise which had been the past 3 year trend. I continued taking the FECO and did another test and it was about the same. It was stable!

In 2017 my specialist wanted to see me. I had not shared with him what I was doing because I just simply didn’t want to get into a discussion about it with him. What he told me was he was super pleased my PSA was stable and the look of puzzlement on his face after the physical exam was precious when he looked at me taking off the rubber glove and said…”your prostate feels normal now.”

I am pleased beyond words. I am urinating like a 40 year old, have none of my past symptoms. What more can I say except a hearty thanks to Zack for his education. I’m glad I maintained an open mind on this. I didn’t have to believe FECO would work. I just had to follow some simple steps and I believe I dodged a bullet.

Mick M. Thursday, 13 April 2017 — 7:19AM


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